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ChapterMe plans work for companies of all sizes - startups, accelerators, media publishers, ed-tech companies, YouTube creators, podcasters, and many others. Start with 2 videos' chapters on us 🎁


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes we do! Email us at

  • We accept all payment methods - Credit cards, Venmo, Google Pay, PayPal, Crypto, and more.

  • We support all major video platforms including YouTube, Vimeo, and Wistia. We support podcasts platform such as Spotify, Castbox, Apple, Google etc. Alternatively we can also use RSS feed to get all your podcasts content.

  • Yes you can! We can add chapters to the description of all major video platforms including YouTube, Vimeo, and Wistia. You can also add it to podcasts platform such as Anchor, Libsyn, Spotify, Castbox, Apple, Google etc.

  • Provide the video link and choose our AI tool. It takes cares of the rest. You can edit or remove any of the chapters if they don't make sense.Try it yourself!

  • It generally takes about 2-3 mins for an 1 hour long video. We are constantly working on improving our AI model to provide meaningful chapters and get to sub milliseconds output! Try it yourself!

  • Adding chapters helps your viewers understand more about your videos before actually watching it. We believe that videos are a black box until you watch/listen through the whole content. Our mission is to provide more context so that you can hook your audience by providing more context.

    Based on the data from our customers we found that chapters increased the total view/listen duration by 15% and it also increased the average view duration per viewer/listener by 3%

    Google recommends adding chapters to grow your channel. Learn more at YouTube Help: Create & grow your channel

  • The simple answer is no! It actually increases your video watch time and audio listen time. We also initially though that chapters had a negative effect on watch time but we were completely wrong. Here is why -

    We conducted an experiment with a few creators ranging from 14K subscribers to all the way up to 70+ million subscribers. We also tested with videos views ranging from 1000 views all the way up to 140 million views

    The results were surprising. It actually increases your video watch time and audio listen time.

    1. Increased the discovery of the videos by 25%
    2. Increased total views by 15%
    3. Average view duration increased by 3%

    It not only helped increase the view duration but also increased the discovery of the content through chapter keywords.

  • We are glad to answer your questions. Email us at